NSA Adult Chapters

The National Stuttering Association’s motto, “If You Stutter, You Are Not Alone,” is what our local support groups are all about! For many, NSA chapter meetings are the first time they have ever talked about stuttering with other people who stutter. Local support groups are a proven way to build self-confidence, practice speaking in a safe environment, and explore new ways to cope with stuttering. Chapter meetings are open to those who stutter, parents/significant others/friends of stutterers, speech-language pathologists (SLPs), and anyone that wants to learn more about stuttering. For more information see our FAQ section or contact Adult Programs Director Evan Sherman.

NSA Family Chapters

Our Family Chapters are the place to meet other teens or parents of teens who stutter. Meeting people face to face is the greatest way to learn that if you stutter, you are not alone.  We offer combined Family Groups, NSAKids groups, and TWST (Teens Who STutter ) groups. If there is currently not a chapter in your area, please keep checking, as new groups are forming fast. If you are interested in starting a chapter, please contact our Family Programs Administrator, Stephanie Coppen.

Support Groups come in three varieties

NSAKids groups are designed for young children who stutter and their parents. This is a new program for the NSA, and several NSAKids groups are just getting started around the country.

TWST (Teens Who Stutter) groups are designed for teenagers who stutter and their families. Teen groups help adolescents who stutter meet others who have faced similar challenges in their lives.

ADULT chapters are designed for adults who stutter and their families. Our Adult Chapters form one of the core programs of the NSA.

For more information about NSA Adult Chapters, please contact the Adult Programs Coordinator Evan Sherman.

For more information about NSA Family Chapters, please contact the Family Programs Administrator Stephanie Coppen.