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For the past few years the Family Programs Committee of the NSA has hosted NSA Family Radio with mission of bringing together kids and teens who stutter and their parents, siblings and other family members in a way that is convenient from all over the world! At this time we do not plan to move forward with new episodes of NSA Family Radio, but are exploring other exciting media outreach opportunities.

The NSA Family Radio Archive will remain accessible here on our website and on Blog Talk Radio, a web-based platform where you can listen to our past shows. Simply visit the links below and our Archive Page (for shows prior to 2012) today and catch up on all of our past broadcasts!



Miranda Smith attends Northern Kentucky University. She attended her first conference in 2010 in Cleveland. Miranda is a member of the Teen Advisory Council (TAC) and serves as the TAC Chairperson on the NSA Board of Directors.

Steve Ernst attends University of Maryland, College Park. His first NSA conference was in Fort Worth, Texas in 2011 and since that time he has been very active in various volunteer opportunities within the NSA.

Julie North is an Augmentative Communication Consultant at Northboro/Southboro school district in Massachusetts. She lives in Shrewsbury, MA with her husband Jeff and their two sons, Daniel and Ben, who is a member of the TAC. Julie’s first conference was in 2008 in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Stephanie Coppen is the Family Programs Administrator for the NSA and former Family Programs Chairperson on the NSA Board of Directors. She lives in Woodstock, Georgia with her husband Matt and their three children Cameron, Rachel, and Deacon. Stephanie’s first conference was in 2008 in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Past NSA Family Radio Shows. 

Also check out our Archive Page for broadcasts prior to 2012!

October 29
Evolving Relationships & Roles in Speech Therapy This radio show will include a discussion among parents of children who stutter and Judy Butler, Board Recognized Specialist in Fluency Disorders, about the evolving relationship between families and therapists. Issues such as the importance of partnering with families within the child’s speech therapy as well as Evidence Based Practice relative to family input will be discussed. Each child and family member comes to therapy at his/her own point in the journey – we will talk about how to merge these various entry points with recommendations for the child’s therapy to form a meaningful and beneficial partnership.
Monday August 19
Reliving the Heat from Arizona Are you one of the many people who stutter (or who don’t) who had a phenomenal, life-changing time at this year’s NSA conference in Scottsdale, AZ?! Be sure to call in to the live teen radio show on August 19th and tell us about it! We want to hear all about your experiences from the conference including what your favorite and least favorite parts were, why you came, and your feelings during and after the conference. If you haven’t attended a NSA conference, missed this past conference, or are just interested, you can also call in and listen to many personal stories and experiences from real people who attended this year’s NSA conference!
April 25
Improv with a Person who Stutters Brian Jason Woo is a young adult who stutters and has grown into a whole new world of confident stuttering by practicing and performing improv! Improvisation, performing, and talking on a stage in front of an audience is something that can be very scary for a person who stutters, listen to Brian’s story on the next NSA Teen Family Radio show on April 25th! Find out what motivated him to advertise his stuttering and how he is confident in stuttering on stage! Brian’s improv Facebook and YouTube pages.
March 28, 2013
Behind the 100 Stutter Project Join NSA Family Radio teen hosts, Miranda Smith and Steve Ernst, as they interview and chat with Cameron Francek, a person who stutters who is determined to spread the word about stuttering each day for 100 days! By advertising to people he knows and even complete strangers on the street for 100 days, Cameron calls his project the 100 Stutter Project. Find out about his motivations, story, and experiences by tuning in to the show on March 28th!
Tuesday, February 26, 2013  8pm EST Letting Go; Giving our children control over their stutter. What do you do when your child who has relied on you for guidance and support for almost everything, in particular how they manage, share information and educate others about their stutter, decides they don’t need you as often or even at all? Join host Julie North as she and other NSA parents who have navigated through this tricky time discuss the give and take that takes place between parent and child. Also, please call in with your questions/comments or to share your story!
Nov 29 2012
Covert to Overt Join the Teen Advisory Council chairperson, Miranda Smith, as she interviews Caryn Herring, a star from MTV’s “True Life: I Stutter” and they discuss the emotions, thoughts, and lifestyle of a covert stutterer and how the decision was made to embrace stuttering and live life to the fullest while stuttering every step of the way! Tune in to learn more about covert stuttering, ask questions, share your own experiences, or just simply sit back and listen to an amazing story of not letting stuttering defeat you!
Oct 16 2012
Musicians Who

While some musicians tend to be quiet, the musicians of the NSA are definitely not! This radio show will give you the opportunity to meet  musicians from across the country that stutter and hear how they integrate their speech and music, how they deal with the pressure of playing in front of an audience, and more!
Sept 25 2012
First Timers’

Miranda Smith will interview several of our conference ‘first timers’ and hear about their experiences from the 2012 NSA Annual Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida! The discussion will include everything from how they found the NSA to the feeling of leaving such an awesome conference and everything in between.  Tune in to listen and relive those memories!
August 21 2012
Back to School Tips for Parents
Hosted by parents, for parents, this episode of NSA Family Radio helps parents of children who stutter develop strategies and gain confidence about the start of a new school year. New teachers, new friends, and possibly a new school can create feelings of anxiety and uncertainty for both parents and their kids. Tune in to find out what coping strategies other parents are using with their kids or call in to share what’s worked for your family.
August 14, 2012
Back to School Tips for Teens Miranda Smith, chair of the Teen Advisory Council and other members of the TAC have an incredible show planned for you! Back to School – Tips for Teens! NSA teens will discuss and share strategies that have worked for them, as well as examine the challenges teens face at school as PWS and how to deal with those challenges effectively.
July 24, 2012
Post-Conference Wrap Up
If you weren’t able to join us in beautiful St. Petersburg, or if you just need to re-live a little of the NSA Annual Conference magic, please join us for the Post-Conference Wrap Up! Call in to share memories, ask questions, and suggest ideas for next year’s conference in Scottsdale, AZ.
June 19, 2012

This episode is the source for information about the 2012 Annual Conference Freedom of Speech at the Beach in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL. Tune in as we discuss what Family Programs has in store for you! Don’t miss it!
May 15, 2012
Preschool Stuttering
When your preschooler begins to stutter you may feel helpless and unsure about what you should do. Often times well-intentioned professionals, family members and friends dispense confusing and contradictory advice which can complicate the situation further. Join us as we discuss the risk factors of persistent developmental stuttering, how to proactively support your child and so much more!
Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Bullying Bullying and teasing is one of the many challenges that kids who stutter may have to deal with. Bullying and teasing can be a complicated subject that can have damaging effects, but there are strategies kids can use to handle and manage bullying and teasing situations. Parents, kids and a stuttering expert who have experience in this area will share their insights and advice.
Tuesday March 20th 2012 7PM EST Applications (Teens) College and jobs. Tips, Tricks and thoughts from people who have braved the application scene.  How does your attitude about your speech reflect your character on applications and interviews? We will present and share past bad experiences and discuss solutions and strategies for effective interviewing and applications as a stutterer.
Wednesday, Feb. 22nd 2012 7PM EST Stuttering
(Parents) Explore issues related to when to pursue therapy, how to select a therapist, whether to participate in your child’s therapy and how, and what to do when your child no longer wants to be in therapy.Hosts: Sheryl Hunter and Julie North with special SLP Guest, Diane C. Games, M.A. CCC/SLP, BRS-FD long time friend of the NSA and founder/director of “Fluency Fridays”, a yearly event in Cincinnati, OH.
Wednesday Jan. 18th 2012 9PM EST New Years Resolutions
(Teens) Making positive changes… what are goals related to stuttering? what do we want to change? How can we do it?
Hosts: Miranda Smith and Steve Ernst


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