Support Groups Help People Who Stutter!

The NSA provides support for adults who stutter through nearly 100 local chapters nationwide. Local chapter meetings provide an important opportunity for people who stutter to come together with others who have shared similar experiences. At their local meetings, NSA members can discuss situations they face at work or with friends, different therapy approaches, and various ways of getting the most out of their lives even though they stutter.

Many SLPs encourage their clients to participate in NSA local chapter meetings during therapy. Attending NSA meetings after therapy is completed can support long-term maintenance of treatment gains.

Clinicians are welcome to join their clients at NSA support group meetings – or, to just attend on their own. However, NSA meetings are not an opportunity for clinicians to advertise their services or promote a particular way of thinking, and the NSA does not promote or endorse any one appropriate to therapy over any other. We feel that the best way for clinicians and people who stutter to learn from one another is to come together in the spirit of community and support. That’s what NSA Local Support Group Chapters are all about!

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