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Sometimes being a kid who stutters can feel very lonely. The NSA is here to let you know you are not alone! There are approximately 3 million people who stutter living in the United States. Although you may not know very many people who stutter (maybe you’ve never met even one other person who stutters!), but they are out there; they have experienced many of the same feeling and challenges you are experiencing right now and they are ready to help!

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Family Voices  is published by the NSA that is specifically for kids and teens who stutter, their parents, SLP’s and anyone else who loves and supports them. The articles are written by NSA members and staff who share their stories and experiences with the hope of helping and supporting others. Family Voices is available on-line, however if you wish to receive a hard copy please contact the national office at info@westutter.org.



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Learn About Stuttering

Being a kid who stutters can be challenging and difficult sometimes. Stuttering is one of those things that not many people understand. You can learn more about stuttering and help other people understand it better, too. Click on the links below to become a stuttering “expert”! 


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